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What is an Acoustic Consultant?
We've all walked past a construction site or noisy industry where we have been subjected to an irritating level of noise. In Ontario there are regulations that businesses must adhere to when it comes to producing noise. These regulations are in place to protect the workers and the nearby community from continued exposure to excessive noise and vibrations. Companies that do not adhere to the explicit regulations can be punished with costly fines.
Businesses that operate in large facilities with heavy equipment tend to produce noisy environments. There can be considerable problems that occur when the workplace environment subjects their own employees to consistent levels of noise that exceed those allowed in Ontario.
An acoustic consultant is a professional that is experienced in performing comprehensive noise assessments. An acoustic consultant will be able to efficiently detect noise levels that are in abundance of acceptable noise pollution standards. They should also be able to identify sources of noise that are non-compliant and suggest a noise or vibration abatement plan that will enable the company to be compliant.
Why is an Acoustic Consultant Necessary?
Large manufacturing companies, engineering companies and other types of industrial facilities are especially susceptible to high levels of noise pollution. The heavy machinery that is used can potentially produce levels of noise and vibrations that can have negative effects on employees as well as nearby schools, hospitals and other buildings.
All companies in Ontario that apply for an Environment Compliance Approval (ECA) must have a noise assessment completed. This noise assessment will compare the facility's level of noise emissions with the standards put forth in the Noise Pollution Control Guidelines. The guidelines will vary depending on the location of the facility (rural guidelines differ from urban guidelines).
Acoustic consultants are highly skilled and experienced in completing the assessments necessary to acquire ECA approvals. These assessments include:
  • Primary Noise Screening;
  • Secondary Noise Screening;
  • Abbreviated Acoustic Assessment Reports;
  • Detailed Acoustic Assessment Reports; and
  • Acoustic Audits in Support of Ministry of the Environment Applications for ECA.
ECA approvals are one of the major reasons for hiring an acoustic consultant. This approval is necessary for the business to operate legally in Ontario. The other types of noise testing are important to ensure that the levels of noise will not cause lasting damage to employee hearing that could result in complaints or lawsuits. Noise testing should be a part of any company's due diligence on behalf of industry to minimize risks and provide a safe workplace environment.
Acoustic consultants are also skilled at creating Noise Abatement Plans to rectify non-compliance at any point around the facility.
Securing ECA Approval
Noise audits can be an important aspect of an application for an ECA approval. There are other tests and assessments that may be performed in order to receive the Ministry of the Environment certification that is necessary for an ECA approval.
An environmental consulting company will provide access to acoustic consultants and other professionals who will work together to ensure the proper assessments are in order to receive an ECA approval in a timely fashion.
Some environmental consulting companies place an emphasis on building business relationships with clients. These companies will often be more willing to travel to you for a consultation regardless of where you are located in the Greater Toronto Area.
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